maria-charalambousWords can’t describe my self …but colours could easily do!!!

Creation is colours, art is colours, thoughts are colours, imagination is colours and everything around me is colourful!!

My creation was a mixture of white and brown…so chocolate describes my soul!

Living on my life was in black because I lost my brown…but my black helped me to search for so many other colours… so I used my black to see green – life, red to see passion, yellow to see freedom and blue to see creativity!

I m mixing all these colours around us and I m using my imagination to create the art we all need to have in our lives!!

Maria Charalambous

Graduate, Domus Academy 2009 – 2010 (Milano, Italy)

Bachelor, MA Salford University 2007-2009 (Manchester, UK)

Foundation, Intercollege Cyprus 2005 – 2006